Double Queens

Pawn to Queen

Ever wonder why some chess sets come with a double queen?  If you are a checkers play you will remember that a checker that gets to your opponent’s first row (called a rank in chess) it becomes another king.  A similar move happens in chess when a pawn reaches the opposite first rank.  Pawn is elevated to a queen. A lowly pawn becomes the most powerful piece on the board. When this happens it is convenient to have a chess set that comes with double queens, otherwise another piece has to pretend to be a queen.  It’s just nice to have a set with double queens if your game takes good care of its pawns.  Imagine how powerful your game can be with 2 queens on the board!

In the following video you will see a white pawn queened and white winning with 2 queens.  You will also notice the chess notations on the right of the video.  In my next post I will talk about chess notation.

Need a chess set with double queens? You can find the perfect set here.



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