Chess Scholarships for College

Award Brains not just Brawn

I just came across this post in one of my Linkedin Chess Groups, Scholastic Chess so I am just going to copy it directly from George K.’s post.

Chess Scholarships for College

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a new college chess program that has started this year and is looking to expand greatly for the upcoming years. I joined the Lindenwood University Chess Team and have had a chance to study under Yasser Seirawan and really improve my chess game as well as earn a college education (under a scholarship ;-) . The team has several national and international masters, and we’ll only be getting better.

There are scholarships for playing on the chess team and you don’t have to be a master to get it. I just wanted to make parents and students aware of this opportunity, I think its pretty cool and the spots will fill up quick.

If you could spread the info it would be appreciated.

For more info give me a call at 862-CHECK-M8









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