Board Games From the Past

Ancient Board Games Brought Back to Life

When were board games first played?  As far as we know board games have been played throughout history. Frescos from thousands of years ago show people playing board games. Games such as mancala were played using the ground with strategically placed holes as a board and stones as checkers or men.

cala Ancient Board Game

Mancala Ancient Board Game Handmade


Many are still popular today such as chess, GO, backgammon, mancala, chaturanga, and some of the Tafli games from Northern Europe.  Within the last century new board games such as monopoly and Risk and the new Euro style games from Germany have added to our collection of board games but they don’t the same feel as our older games. Old games are made from wood or stone. Modern games are made from cardboard. They may be fun but will seldom become a valued family heirloom.

Board games and chess sets are popular holiday and birthday gifts.  Our regular customers have already sent in their orders because they don’t want to be disappointed if we run out of stock. It is not too early to shop for holiday gifts for friends and family. Handcrafted wood (cedar) board games and chess sets make ideal presents for your loved ones.

fitchneal handmade ancient game

Fitchneal Handmade Ancient Game

Have you played Fox and Geese? It’s an ancient game that was most popular during American Colonial days and can be played with two people or as a solitaire game for one. Move the pegs around the board and see if the geese can escape the wily fox.

In Northern Europe,  came Fitchneal from Ireland, Tablut from Finland, Tawlbydd from Wales, Alea Evangelifrom Britain,  all are versions of Hneflafl.  These board games and more are available today as beautiful handcrafted games made in the USA.



Medieval Board Games

Handmade Chess & Board Games

Board Games have been around for thousands of years all over the world where ever there were people with a bit of time to spare. Early boards were stone with carved depressions. Some boards were played on the ground with small holes cut in the earth or sand. Mancala games came from Africa and is still played in the United States.

Chess has always been the most popular board games of all times beginning in India with variations spreading worldwide. Early chess was different from the game that we now know which has remained unchanged since the end of the 15th century.

The following video displays some beautiful handmade medieval chess and other board games.